Friday, November 19, 2010

40 weeks of what else? Pregnancy

Let's just start with weeks 4 - 18.
Starting in week for was the worst sickness of my life! It started in the mornings, as soon as I woke. Id walk into the bathroom and just the smell of the air freshener would make me vomit. I didn't even get a chance to pee or brush my teeth, vomit came first. I've never been good at throwing up, I cry when I do. Its a very embarrassing scene. They say morning sickness is just that, a sickness in the morning. Well, they lie. I was sick all day and it didn't help that I was going to school for hair and that everyone and their mom was in my chair for a bleach weave. Bleach is my specialty and when they came through the door, my chair and my day was always full.

After spending every day elbows deep in bleach with my first pregnancy and that ending in a miscarriage, I knew I needed to refuse bleach and color services if I wanted a safe pregnancy this time around. However, I'm not one to refuse anything that is asked of me,so in the begining I tried wearing 2 masks while coloring/bleaching, but the only thing 2 maskes is good at, is cutting off your air supply. That made me so dizzy. It came down to it. I refused all color services. Until my senior e-vals. I couldn't refuse to do my e-vals.

E-vals started in my 8th week, I believe. I was going to have to do one of every service in one day, including: bleach, color, and a perm. If you've never smelled perm solution, I'll save you the stomach pain... don't smell it. You don't have to pregnant to vomit from the smell of that. So anyway, I made it half way through my day and I was waiting outside for my parents to come to get me for lunch. They were my models for the day and so my dad went to get the truck in the rain while my mom and I waited by the door. I was getting more nauseous by the second but I didn't want to go back inside the school because it was too hot and smelly. My dad finally pulled up with the truck and I ran to it but didn't make it. Breafast came up, right at the doorstep. I got in really quick and we drove, I prayed that no one saw me but I had no such luck. As soon as I got back one of the guys came to me and asked if I was doing okay because they saw me throw up. I was officially mortafied.

Week 9. I woke up in the middle of the night to ofcourse, vomit. It didn't stop there though. I kept vomiting, over and over. I was scared that I had a kidney infection and the next day I was supposed to go for my diabetes test. That wasn't going to happen. I wasn't about to drink a pure hot sugar drink being as sick as I was. So, after spending all day and night as a sitting vomiting zombie, I went to the doctors office. I told the new girl at the front desk that I couldn't take my test but that I still needed to see my doctor because of non stop vomiting. My doctor walked out, looked at me and said, "Go to the hospital. I will call them to tell them you are coming." She said I wouldn't stop throwing up until I was hydrated. This was my first run in with the hydrating IV. It was great. It made me so hungry and woke me right up! I wanted to ask if I could just take it with me. I didn't get to take it with me but I got to revisit it 4 weeks later. I was dehyrated again but didn't know it that time.

I was sick for another 5 weeks after that. All in all I lost 15 lbs in the first 18 weeks and ate pretty much nothing but plain chicken nuggets that whole time. I definately think that was a cleansing and prep for the weight gain to come.

Next up, discover of Gerd, ulcers, and a run in gestational diabetes.