Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Subscription Boxes

Box Subscriptions? These box subscriptions cost anywhere from $20-$50 per month for a little box of sample products, travel sized items. You have no clue what you will get each month in a box, it can be filled with products you find you absolutely can't live without or it could not have a single product you would ever recommend to another person for any reason and then you just spent $20-50 on a box of trash because you can't return the items in the box for your money back.
Shopping with Melaleuca, you order what you want, when you want it directly from the store online or on the phone and if you don't like the product you have ordered, you send it back and get your money back. It's not a sample, you get a whole bottle or box of whatever you order and you don't have to hunt down the right store to purchase from if you love the product because... you're already shopping with them.
What makes more sense to you? $50 on a surprise box of samples or $50 on products you directly pick out in full size or bulk size bottles or boxes with a money back guarantee each and every time you order?
If you find yourself re-thinking the amount of money you now have going out every month for a small box of samples, let me talk more with you about The Wellness Company. Melaleuca may be able to satisfy your needs in a better way that gets you what you want, need, and crave, and will use, so that you don't feel like your money is being shipped away for little in return. kate.melaleuca@gmail.com