Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pregnancy: what does anemia, 10 lb ultrasound, dietitian equal? This...

Take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back to week 28.

When I had my second one hour diabetes test done, they also checked my hemoglobin aka iron levels. They came back at a 10. The minimum that doctors want to see for a pregnant woman is a 12. So, I had a midwife appt. To go over my test results.

At the midwife practice I used, there is five midwives. One I absolutely love and adore, one who is awsome aswell, two okay nutral ones and one that I hope to never get again.

Starting with this appt. I had her for 3 appts., that's a lot of time without another opinion in pregnancy time. My husband and I show up to our appt. And in she walks. I could tell just by looking at her that we were going to clash. She had that typical "know it all, I never had a life outside of my books" look. I sucked it up and figured Id try to listen. Maybe she wasn't as horrid as I thought. Nope! I was right the first time.

She looked at my chart, saw that my iron was low and that I had a history of large babies in my family. This was her advice to me: drink juice with my iron pills and go see a diebetes dietitian to keep the size of my baby down. I tried explaning to her that A: I don't drink juice because it is nothing but lost calories and pure unwanted/needed sugar and B: everyone in my family has been on the diebetic diet at one point or another and that I already knew all the ins and outs of it. She proceeded to argue with me over it and pretty much told me that I didn't know what I was talking about, that I couldn't know what I was talking about and that she was scheduling my appt. With the dietitian for the same day at 3pm. I was so mad. I just shut my mouth so we could get on with the appt. And I could leave.

She measured my belly and I asked her how far ahead I was measuring because I had been doing my own measuring at home and got four weeks. She wouldn't tell me. She looked at me and said, "we don't worry about what you measure, we just make sure you are growing and your going to measure big anyway." "What, are you serious. You did not just basically call me a big effing cow, prior to pregnancy!" I thought to myself. I was so ready to leave.

Later that day at the dietitian appt. The dietitian agreed with everything i'd said and looked at the fact that I had only gaind 10 lbs at this point and asked me why the midwife even thought to send me to her. I told it was because she was an idiot and didn't list to a word I said. So, we spent the rest of our meeting talking about the weather and comparing the different foods we like to eat.

At 32 weeks I went back for another Hemoglobin test. The next day, I got a call from guess who, the wicked witch of the east. She told me my iron was now down to a 9 and once again argued with me about drinking juice with my pill. I told her that the dietition had told me to not drink any juice at all, ever and she finally shut up about it but then she told me, "well, were not checking it again before you deliver,so, well just have to hope for the best." I hung up the phone. I wasn't listening to another word. I called the office and had my next appt. Changed to another midwife.

At 37weeks, I went in for a regular appt. This time we had a midwife that I haddnt met yet. We talked for a bit about the big babies in my family and then she measured my belly. As soon as she was done, she looked at me and asked," When was your last ultrasound?" With a shocked look on her face. I told her I haddnt had one since my gender scan at 19weeks. She told me that she couldn't believe I hadn't had another one. That I was measuring way ahead. I told her about the other midwife and she said, "that explains it." She scheduled me for another one.

At 38 weeks, we had our ultrasound. The guy performing it measure every body part, 4 times because he couldn't believe what he was seeing. A 10 pound baby!! I was flipping out. I still had 2 more weeks to go. I figured at this point its probably going to be for sure a c-section. I called the office the next day and asked if I needed to come in to discuss delivery options because of how big he was. The lady told me it was probably way off and I was going to have a 6 pound baby, not to worry about it. Bull!

My next appt. Was with my favorite lady of all!!! We discussed the ultrasound and I asked her if I could be induced, she knodded her head and said, "sure, how's friday?" Just like that! Like we were discussing dinner or something. I was speechless. I didn't have to argue or anything. I even replied with, "Are you sure?" And she was. She pulled out her schedule so we could figure out the best day. Sunday was no good, that's when the witch was on call, no way was she delivering me. We settled with Thursday. The day before my due date. She wasn't going to be there but that was only going to be my cervadil night. The big show wasn't going to be til Friday morning and she was going to be there for sure to deliver my little T-Rex! I was now excited, happy and resting assured that I would be okay.

Next, the biggest weekend of my life!!! My labor and delivery story!