Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pregnancy: discovery of gerd, ulcers, and a run in with gestational diabetes.

Week 14ish of pregnancy, my body upped the ante.
I began to have the worst acid reflux ever! My throat would burn all night and there was no amount of lemon juice, milk or maloaxx that was going to solve it. I asked my doctor what I can do because it was just so bad. My doctor told me to take Zantac 75 and the maloxx. I knew 75 wasn't going to cut it, so, I got the Zantac 150.

The combination of both the Zantac and Maloxx was working great! After the morning/all day sickness ended in the 18th week, I got about 6 weeks of sheer bliss. I had zero swelling through out pregnancy so far and my anti-acids were working like a charm! I was able to eat whatever I wanted and I did! I called my husband every night when he was on his way home from work with a different request. Jack in the box tacos and breakfast sandwiches one night and Mcdonalds nugget meal the next. Every night was a request for something different. My biggest craving was french fries! I craved french fries daily and I gave in every day. After all, I lost 15 lbs that the doctor wanted me to gain back,so, why not give in.

Finally, at 24 weeks, I was supposed to transition from my doctor to the midwives but I didn't take my diabetes test and my doctor couldn't let me switch with out that test because she could lose her license. The horrible sugar drink was a nightmare. It was like drinking a hot otter pop! Then it made me tired and sick. After my gross drink, hour of waiting and 2 blood drawings, I got to go home..... only to come right back 2 days later for a 3hr test! My first one came back high, by 2 points!!!

For the 3hr test they give you even more sugar and stick you 4 times with the needle. So, now that I had given enough blood to be considered a blood drive, I got a good phone call. My glucose was normal. "Thank god." I thought, "I don't have to do that again."

Two weeks go by and I had my first midwives appt. I didn't really know what to expect when we got there. I wish I had known, I would have worn only a bra and panties. They didn't have an a/c in the room they put me in and what I thought was going to be a simple meet and greet 30 min meeting was a forever long 2 hour meet and greet appt. My butt sweated to the seat! I was a whale with a built in heater on the hottest day in spring and there was no a/c. It was miserable. To make matters worse....

My midwife read my chart and saw that I had one high diabetes test and one normal then proceeded to tell me that I needed to go do my 2nd diabetes screen before 28 weeks. I asked if I really had to since my first screen was only 2 weeks prior because I didn't get to take it when I was supposed to. She said I still had to. "Great, just great!" I went for my test at the hospital lab because that is the one my midwives use. I was expecting the worst ofcourse, id already been through this before. I go into the lab, sit in the chair and low and behold, one of my classmates sister walks up and says, "ill be drawing your blood today." It was so strange. I did her daughter's hair and now she's drawing my blood. Anyway, she went to a refrigerator and pulled out the drink. I thought, "what! I could have drank this thing cold before! That's some bull." That drink is a thousand times better cold! Next day, phone rings, "hello, I'm the devil, here to make you take another 3hr test!" Seriously!! I knew it would be that way, high one hour normal three hour. I went to the test and this time she tells me I can't drink the bottle of water I brought with me. I told her I wouldn't but about half way through the test I got thirsty. You can't blame me, I was pregnant. Its part of the deal. So, I snuck into the bathroom to steal a drink from my water bottle. Guess who's in there like she was waiting for me sneak a drink. So much for that idea! After the test, I drank three bottles of water, one for every hour I missed. My midwife called and said all three hours were normal! All 3! At least I didn't have diabetes.

Now, I'm done with stuff, right? Nope. Week 31, husband is at work. Its about 8pm and I feel a horrible pain on top of my belly. It is a dull pain that's not going away. I ran a warm bath, thinking its just a braxton hicks and everything will be fine when I soak a while. The bath didn't help at all. I got out and called Robert at about 9:30 and asked him to leave work early to take me to the hospital. I didn't think it was contractions, I was more concerned that it may be my gull bladder. My dad had his removed and so did my sister. I figured I was next. He got home and we got to the hospital at 11pm. Checked in and I told the guy I didn't think it was pregnancy related.... wrong thing to say. We had to wait 7 hours to finally be admitted. Once we were, the doctors were so sorry that they gave my husband a gift card to the hospital restaraunt to go eat breakfast and then he got to sleep on my hospital bed in the labor and delivery triage room while they took me for an ulrasound. I didn't know he was sleeping though and appearently the nurses didn't either. When they brought me back to the room they opened the door and there a man was spralled out on the triage bed! It was the funniest thing ever! I woke him and sent him back to his chair. He had crawled up there when we left and he said he startled one of the nurses that came in to check the monitor charts. She wasn't expecting a man. Lol. And back to the pain.... my ultrasound came back normal they discovered that I had GERD and a gastric ulcer. On top of the Zantac 150 and Maloxx I was already taking I was perscribed 2 prilosec a day. How fun my life was going to be. I became a walking pharmacy and it doesn't end there.

Coming around the mountain... Anemia, 10 lb ultrasound, the dietition and the midwife from H-E-double hockey sticks!