Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our last day and the sad goodbye.

Early start with breakfast and lots of doctor visitors, one for me, one for Carter, one for my breasts since Carter lost more than 10% fat in the hospital... it was a busy day!

Carter's doctor came in and looked at him and said he looked great but that he lost about a pound while there. That was a surprise considering he stayed latched the whole time. It turns out he was getting more excersize sucking than he was eating. Believe it or not but their cure for his weightloss was to let him feed even more? How do I do that? Take him to the bathroom with me too? That was pretty much the only time he wasn't on there. Anyway, they wanted me to talk to the lacation consultant before I left, so we scheduled it right before check out.

Meanwhile, I got my midwife visit. I hadn't met this one before, she was nice and said everything looked okay, even tho my legs by now were so swollen, I didn't even recognize them. I swear my ankles looked like thighs and my feet looked like flesh colored slippers. It was scary to me, but the midwife said it was normal and would go down in a few days to weeks. I still had the rash covering my stomach and it was getting worse. She said it was just a sensitivity and it would go away too. She wrote me a perscription for pain meds and told me to make my 2 week appt. As soon as I get home. Oh, and she told me that I should really try the tub down the hall. Then she left.

I also saw an exit nurse, she went over all the paperwork with me and put together the packet and asked if id like her to start the bath because it would take about 10 mins to fill up. I told her to wait and start it at 10am.

I wanted to get everything ready to go first. After she left, I gave Carter to Robert and began cleaning up and packing, against orders ofcourse.
You aren't supposed to do that kind of stuff right after birth, especially when you can barely move but I knew it would take Robert a million years to do it and he'd forget things and not pack it right and it would just be more frustrating in the end. So, I did it! I packed up everything! All the extra disposible panties, all the paper mats, the cold pack pads, the diapers, the wipes, the nasal bulb and mouth bulb, everything. I wanted my stay at home to be exactly like the hospital. I even packed the 2 receiving blankets they had (thankgod for those, they were all that fit him and still use them 4 months later!) After I had everything all packed the nurse came in with another pack of diapers and wipes, I was smart. I didn't say a word about already packing a pack of them. I ended up using all the pampers from the hospital for myself as you will read in the recovery time.

I so did not want to leave the hospital. It was a perfect set up. All meals in bed, a nurse at my beck and call whenever I needed anything, a bathroom 2 steps from my bed, pain meds delivered to me, the best ice in the world, no laundry to do, no cleaning to do. It was a dream come true. All I had to focus on was feeding my son. Robert did all the changing in the hospital. What more could I ask for. I don't know why people are in such a rush to get out of the hospital. It truely is a vacation. I had the most wonderful nurses and CNAs a girl could ask for. For a few days I got to see what it was like to be royalty.

Time for the bath, as I walked down the hall towards the door, I was not amused. I thought I was going to walk into a regular deep narrow jetted tub. I walked through the door and much to my surprise!!!!!! It was a huge jetted tub that had steps going down into it! I was inlove! I wished I had gotten in that bath every day. I was so sad I didn't. It was amazing! There was litterally room for 2 or 3 people in there. I didn't want to get out. Lounged in it for about an hour and talked with Robert, who was sitting beside the bath with me. We took Carter to the nursery so that he could go with me, because I never do anything alone, I'm a baby like that. After I got out and as soon as we got to the room, I didn't even have time to change before the nurse was back with Carter, once again, he cried the whole time he was in the nursery and there were other babies trying to sleep. I got changed as quick as I could and went back to letting him feed again.

The Nursing Consultant came in while I was ofcourse feeding and when she saw how good of a latcher he was, she just told me to keep it up. There wasn't much else for her to say, he didn't need help at all but he was never satisfied it seemed. She left and now it was time for us to go. The dreaded hour! Robert went down and got the carseat and brought it up so that we could get him all buckled in and adjusted. The nurse got my wheel chair and helped carry our bags since I brought the house with us, lol.

All loaded up in the car and on our way back to reality.