Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Labor, delivery and Walerey's pizza!

And it began with the Green Mile dinner...

It was to be my last dinner until Saturday. This was Thursday. The doctor told me to make it a good one. So, I told my parents it was going to be either Los Dos Amigos or Walerey's Pizza. We decided on Walerey's. Robert was at work and wasn't getting off til 7pm and I had to check in at the hospital at 6pm.

My parents and I went to eat my last dinner. It was sooo good, as always! We had to rush through dinner because I only had 30 mins til check in. We left dinner and headed for the hospital.

My parents had no idea where the birthing center at the hospital was, as I figured out when we ended up in a parking garage on the other side. I was trying to explain it to my dad but with me my mom, all my stuff and 4 dogs in the truck, it was a lost cause. Luckly, there was a construction worker working on the garage we were in and my dad asked him where to go. Appearently guys understand other guys better. We finally ended up in the right parkinglot with 5 mins left to get to the right floor and to the check in counter. That sounds so funny to say. I was checking in to have a baby.

We made it up to the floor and as I was filling out the paperwork, the receptionist asked if I was planning to circumsize my son. I answered, "no" like it was just another question and my mother about had a stroke. "What? Your not going to? You have too!" I tried explaining to her that there was no medical need to and I just didn't want to. To give her an example of someone who wasn't, I used my nephew, only the receptionist thought I was talking about my husband and said, "well, I didn't need to know that much." I laughed and told her it was just my nephew. I used my nephew as an example for that reason. People feel more comfortable knowing information like that about children vs about adults. After we finished the paperwork and went to sit and wait to get let into the labor and delivery ward, I finished telling my mom why I wasn't getting him circumsized. My husband isn't and I have many friends who's husbands and boyfriends aren't and that it just doesn't seem unnormal to me. My dad's thought on it was to just let the baby decide, lol. That was when I learned that my dad wasn't either, something my mother didn't need to share with me but did. Finally, the akward conversation ended when the nurse came out to get us.

We went through the doors of no return and to the whale scale! It litterally is a whale scale. It was like a 3'x3' scale! I looked at it and said to the nurse, "oh great, here we go." She was nice and said, "well, here. We'll give you a nice number." And switched it to kg! It was my first nice weight in and my last as a pregnant woman, so, my mother took a picture of me on it and sent it out to the world in one text! I was back to,"Oh great, here we go." Only this time the nurse couldn't just push a button to make that nice.

We got to my room, where my parents drilled the nurses with questions about everything! I was just worried about unpacking and getting to that nice big bed to sit! One of the midwives came in. One I like. My parents then drilled her ofcourse. I mean the last time they were in having a baby was when I was born and that was a C-section. So, they were litterally green to the whole process. It was embarrassing but whatever, I didn't care. I was too excited. It was like going on vacation to me. I love being in the hospital. At least that hospital! I got all unpacked and into bed. I brought everything but the kitchen sink. This was my first baby after all.

The room was so big and comfy. It had a sitting room with a couch, chair and rocking chair. There was also a t.v, and the bathroom had a spa tub! There wasn't a kitchenette but down the hall was a community kitchen with lots of goodies. Ofcourse, kitchen or no kitchen it wasn't for me anyway. It was for my guests because I wasn't getting to eat anything!

7pm comes and my midwife is ready to insert the cervidil strip. This is a strip that kind of looks like a paper zip tie, and is placed inside up to the cervix opening and stick out the bottom for adusting. This can not come out, so, minimal movement once in is best. It is inserted to help rippen the cervix and start dialation.

When my midwife came in to insert the strip, she had some bad new to go with it. She told me that the hospital doctor on staff was mad that I was being induced, that he thinks inducing for a babies size is uncalled for and that I could go another week. I was scared that she was going to send me home right then. I wanted to cry. Here I was carrying a possible 10 lb or more baby with a family history of c-sections due to large babies not passing through the pelvis and I was facing having to wait a whole nother week. My parents were so mad. But, there was some light at the end of the tunnel. She told me that he was allowing us to try one dose of cervidil. If it didn't work in the 12 hrs it was supposed to, I would be sent home to wait another week. I was relieved again. She inserted the strip and told me to go to sleep and rest because hopefully I wouldn't be resting the next day.

9pm- My husband finally shows up. My parents were ready to get the dogs home so the could stretch and get some food and water. I let them leave. We were ready for bed but we tried to stay up and watch "The Crazies" that I told Robert to rent on his way to the hospital. I couldn't pay attention to the T.V. to save my life. I was too excited and too busy updating my facebook about what was going on. We eventually fell asleep.

The next day.... the begining of labor and all the gross details!