Friday, December 3, 2010

Time to push and meet my little T-Rex!

It was just after midnight and all through the house, not a cre- oh wait wrong story....

It was just after midnight and it was time to start the big time pushing. We rolled me to my back and scooted me up a bit. Then my midwife pulled up the stirups and placed my black feet in them! This was when we noticed I forgot to wash my feet and I had been wearing flip flops that turn your feet black. My mom was so embarrassed. I really didn't care. Its not like they smelled, they were just black from the shoes. I apologized to my midwife anyway for putting dirty feet in her face. She didn't care.

So the feet stir ups, not comfortable. I think I had like 3 pushes using those. My contractions were really painful and the position I was in wasn't helping. She pulled up these other holders that hold your legs at the calves and those were amazing. Just that little change made all the difference in the world. My contractions were bareable, I could push and it was comforting to do so.

Things seemed to be going great. However, I had not only the catheter from they epidural now I had a small one that went in for monitoring my contractions better because I couldn't push with that band around my waist and she attatched the heart monitor to my baby's head, so that I didn't have to wear that band too. So, I was way more comfortable but now I looked like some test project, lol. My mom, my dad and robert took turns helping with the pushing. It was so hot in that room by this point. I was sweating like a pig! By 2 am I was asking for sips of water between every contraction. I had about a minute between pushing and it was strange that I was able to carry on a full conversation about I don't remember but I know it was something good because I can remember laughing a lot.

My mom decided that she needed to get a wet towel and dab me with it because of how over heated I was. That made me even more hot and mad. So now I'm trying to push and dodge this wet towel and carry on talking all at the same time. My mom was going on about something at the same time she was wiping my arms and then my underarms and then with the same towel, my face!! I didn't have deodorant on and so I got a face full of smelly armpit. My mom didn't even realize she did it because she was jabbering on about something and here I lay defenseless as she keeps going over my face and I'm trying to tell her that it stinks. She and everyone else finally heard me and it became the joke of the night! Everyone laughed so hard that couldn't help but laugh too but then I was forced to lay with smelly pit face for the rest of my labor.

The mood is light and my eyes were focused on the contraction monitor. I was amazed that my contractions were now going off the charts and yet I could handle them better than the half mass ones I had been having before I started pushing. It was crazy. Anyway, I kept pushing and pushing. I could see his head in the mirror and that became my focal point when I wasn't watching the contractions.

Finally after about 3 hours of pushing, my son's heart rate was hiting up over 200. He was starting to get tired. We needed to discuss options for getting him out quick and safe. My midwife said we could either use forceps or go for an emergency c-section. At this point, I didn't care either way. I prefered forceps but when it comes down to it, I wanted whatever was going to get him out safely. The doctor on staff that night specialized in forceps and so we decided one more push and if he came down far enough for the forceps we were going that route, if not we were going c-section. The nurse called for the doctor and called nicu for all the nicu nurses to come aswell.

When I was 5 cm, my mw broke my water and there was meconium in the water (he'd gone to the bathroom) this meant that when he came out we didn't want him to breath right away. They needed to suction everything out of him before. This was the reason for all the nurses. Plus, there was one to push on my stomach if needed to help get baby out.

Everyone was there and the doctor was srubbing in and my midwife told me to push my hardest. I did! I pushed like my baby's life depended on it. Amazingly, he came right down to wear he needed to be for the forceps. I was so happy and relieved. My mw and the doc switched places, my mom pulled up a seat right beside the doc and my husband stood at my head, my dad next to my mom and I had 2 nurses on one side, one nurse on a step stool on the other side, one by the baby station and one by the doctor. The doctor put a bucket on the floor between her legs which was something I didn't remember happening with my sisters pregnancy, so, I paid close attention to what that was for.

Everyone was set and ready to go. 1,2,3 puuuussssshhhhh! I feel him come out and I hear this blood curdling scream come from my mom. I litterally thought I died on the table and was having some out of body thing for about a second and a half and then she started crying and saying she was sorry, there was just so much blood and she'd never seen childbirth before. Next thing I know, its just me and the doc and everyone is over with my baby. I was trying to listen for him but I knew it'd be a minute because they were suctioning him. I finally heard him cry. Everyone was talking about how big he is and I've yet to see him. One nurse came over to be with me while the doctor was stiching me up. I had torn in 4 places! One inside down the back, one outside down the back and two outside up the front. I also had metal burn from the forceps. I remember telling the nurse over and over again, "It burns, It burns." She kept telling me, "I know, that's what happens with forceps. I'm sorry"

Everyone got to hold and take pictures with my Little Baby Carter LynLee before he finally got to come to me. Once I got him, nurses were taking pics of us, my mw was taking pics and my parents. I was just happy to finally have him in my arms. We haddent weighed him yet because everyone wanted to be there for the weigh in and all the nurses and doctors had to go out for a quick meeting and were coming back for the weigh in. They were taking bets! It was funny. Everyone came back and my lil man weighed in at 9lb 11 and 1/2oz! And 21in long with a 39cm head! I can't remember which nurse won but she was right on the money.

My wonderful sleepless stay in the most amazing birthing center in the world is coming next!